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Erling P Strand

Erling Strand's office is at room DI 012 at Østfold College, Remmen in Halden.

Address work:
N-1757 Halden, NORWAY

Olsenghogget 3, Ullerøy
N-1747 Skjeberg

Phone: +47-6916 9600, Fax: +47-6916 8018,
Mobile: +47-922 68 256



My main work is to teach students at Østfold College, in subjects as Datacommunication and Physics. An other part of my work, and my big interest, is to run Project Hessdalen. I have had my own "strange" experiencies, which I want to find out more about. I have seen what people of Hessdalen often see in their valley. I think it is possible to find out what it is.

I have been to many radio and TV programs, and I have had some lectures about the results from Project Hessdalen. Project Hessdalen has been written about in some journals and newspaper.